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Inspection of examination response materials

​Students who want to find out more about their exam results can apply to inspect their completed examination response materials and audio recording.

To get maximum benefit from an Inspection of examination response materials, students must obtain the relevant Statement of Marks prior to the inspection and, if possible, arrange to have the study teacher present.

How to apply for an inspection

To inspect their material, students must apply in writing.

Students may inspect examination response materials at their school. A photocopy of the response materials or copy of the audio recording will be sent to the principal, who will be responsible for conducting the inspection and for destroying the photocopy or audio recording immediately afterwards. There is a fee of $24.55 per examination.

What is available for inspection

All written exam papers and audio recordings for Music performance exams may be made available for inspection.

Audio recording for VCE Languages oral exams and Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies performance exams are not available.

Important points to note

  • Under no circumstances will examination response materials, authorised photocopies or audio recordings be permitted to be taken from the inspection room. Photocopying or altering of examination response materials or authorised photocopies is not permitted. All examination response materials remain the property of the VCAA.
  • No marks or assessors' comments appear on response materials.
  • Other conditions of access will be provided on application.

Deadlines and destruction of examination response materials

View important dates for information on the final date for lodging requests to inspect examination response materials.

The VCAA has permission from the Keeper of Public Records to destroy the material after this date. A number of examination response materials are retained for research purposes, but all other examination response materials and raw data are held only until the end of the inspection period, which is one month after the final day for lodging requests to inspect examination response materials. Destruction of examination response materials is usually carried out in March of the following year.