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Assessment of VCE units 3 and 4

​The relevant Study Design outlines the assessment for all levels of achievement in each study. Every Study Design is published and distributed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). All VCE studies include school assessment and examinations.

The award of satisfactory completion for a unit is based on a decision that the student has demonstrated achievement of the set of outcomes specified for the unit. This decision is based on the teacher's assessment of the student's overall performance on the assessment tasks designated for the unit.

The VCAA supervises the assessment of all students undertaking units 3 and 4.

School assessment

There are two forms of graded school assessment – coursework and school-assessed tasks. The forms of school assessment and their weighting are specified for each study, and are found in the Study Design.

Assessment guides for each key learning area are revised and published annually. For studies with school-assessed tasks, the assessment guides provide the assessment sheet for the task and detailed advice on the interpretation and application of criteria for each task. For coursework assessment, the assessment guides provide criteria for assessment and advice about the scope, timeframes and conditions of each assessment task.

The results of these school assessments count towards a student's study score in each VCE study and ultimately towards the student's Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). Further information about the ATAR may be obtained from the website of the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

School-assessed coursework

Coursework assessment of each student's level of achievement is based on a selection of the assessment tasks designated in the Study Design. For each coursework component, the Study Design specifies a range of assessment tasks for assessing the achievement of the unit outcomes.

Assessment tasks designated for coursework assessment must be part of the regular teaching and learning program, and must be completed mainly in class time. They are to be completed within a restricted timeframe and the scope of each task is described in the relevant assessment guide.

The requirements for coursework are set out in the relevant VCE Study Design. Teachers select from the range of tasks designated for the assessment of the unit outcomes. They might decide that all students will complete the same task or they may allow students to select the task. Where options are available, the assessment tasks are of comparable scope and demand. Task selection is a school decision and should be based on what suits the teaching program, the resources available and the needs and interests of students.

The assessment guides provide advice on the scope of the assessment tasks, the conditions under which they are completed, the timeframe for completion and the criteria used for assessment. This advice is provided to limit student and teacher workload.

Schools are responsible for administering and assessing school-assessed coursework. The requirements of the relevant Study Design and the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook must be met. The advice in the assessment guides on the scope of the task and criteria for marking is provided as the authority's best advice upon which schools should base their requirements of students.

School-assessed tasks

School-assessed tasks occur in studies where products and models are assessed. The following VCE studies have school-assessed tasks:

  • Algorithmics (HESS)
  • Art
  • Applied Computing
    • Data Analytics
    • Software Development
  • Media
  • Product Design and Technology
  • Studio Arts
  • Systems Engineering
  • Visual Communication Design.

Details of school-assessed tasks are outlined in the relevant Study Design and assessment guides. They are initially assessed by the teacher using criteria provided in the assessment guides and are subject to external review. The VCAA provides schools with assessment sheets for school-assessed tasks that specify the criteria for the award of grades. Schools must use the current year's assessment sheets published annually in the assessment guides.