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Statistical moderation

What’s statistical moderation

Need to know how and why statistical moderation is run? How schools can develop different assessment tasks and it can be fair and equitable for all students? This short video explains the broad context of statistical moderation and provides an insight into why it is run.

Statistical Moderation introduction transcript (docx - 24.79kb)

How is statistical moderation run

How is statistical moderation run? What is the role of internal and external assessments in the process? This short video explains the statistical moderation process and how it is applied in the same way across all studies.

Statistical Moderation explained transcript (docx - 25.83kb)

What is a moderation group

How does statistical moderation help to ensure fairness and equity for all students? Who are my scores compared against? This short video explains how statistical moderation changes the scale of school-based assessment marks while not altering a student’s rank order.

Statistical Moderation of a group transcript (docx - 25.16kb)