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Mathematical Methods computer-based examination (CBE)

From 2011–2016 the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) successfully completed a six-year trial of Computer Based Examination (CBE) for VCE Mathematical Methods Examination 2, with corresponding examinations from 2013–2016. This trial and subsequent implementation involved proof of concept and developmental work with a small number of schools and several hundred students to effectively align the use of technology in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, using the computer algebra system software Mathematica, from Wolfram Research.

The VCAA provided participating schools and teachers with comprehensive professional learning tools and resources for use of this software in implementation of Mathematical Methods Units 1–4 and preparatory work in the preceding years. Wolfram Research supported the trial with access to the software, training, technical support and resource materials.

During 2017–2019 resources were developed to complement the use of Mathematica in Mathematical Methods across other VCE Mathematics studies and support its application as a computational tool in these studies. Further work has also been done to facilitate and support implementation of CBE in Mathematical Methods Examination 2 for schools with larger student cohorts for the study.

Implementation of Mathematical Methods CBE from 2020

From 2020, in alignment with the Strategic Direction 2019–2023, the VCAA will consolidate the developmental work completed in 2017–2019 with schools currently involved in the program.

For further information please contact Kevin McMenamin, Acting VCAA Mathematics Curriculum Manager, telephone +61 3 7022 0184.