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2023 Examination Advice: October/November Written Examinations

The following examination information is provided to assist students who are preparing to sit the end-of-year VCE written examinations. Any enquiries should be directed to:

VCE Examinations Unit
(03) 7022 5550

Examination Materials

Materials including the examination front cover, relevant instructions and multiple-choice answer sheet (where applicable) are available for download. Data books, formula sheets and covers of answer books are also available for relevant examinations.

It is important that students are aware of the correct method of completing all multiple-choice answer sheets and answer books. Teachers should ensure that students are given an opportunity to practise these methods prior to the examination.

The number of pages, questions and marks shown for the examination may differ slightly from the number indicated in the actual examination books given to students on the day of the examination.

Index of examination materials

Multiple-choice answer sheets

The multiple-choice answer sheet issued to each student will have the student’s name and student number printed near the top of the sheet. Each student will be required to confirm that both their name and number as printed on the answer sheet are correct by signing their name on the sheet.

Students will indicate their response to a question by using a pencil (HB or 2B) to shade the appropriate box in each line. Students should follow the instructions as printed on each answer sheet.

Changes to Examination Specifications

New and/or revised studies

The following new and/or revised VCE studies will be examined for the first time this year. Students should be familiar with the new examination specification and sample materials provided for each examination.