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External resources

The following links to external sites direct teachers to reference material  about various aspects of career education. The information at these sites can inform teachers’ capacity to successfully embed career education in their teaching and learning practices.

The VCAA does not endorse the views or materials contained on these sites.

The sites are grouped in categories to assist with navigation.

Learn about why career education matters

Inspiring the Future - Redraw the Balance
Research shows that children start to internalise gender stereotypes at a very young age. This 2-minute video demonstrates the power of simple career education interventions at primary school level.

What is career education?
This 2-minute video outlines the main principles behind good career education in a school context. There are more short videos for different audiences, such as parents, students and industry on this Career Industry Council of Australia playlist.

Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)
The FYA’s research into labour market changes has significantly influenced thinking about career education.

Their “New Work Order” research series outlines how disruptions to the world of work will affect young people, and offers tips on how they can be supported to thrive during and beyond their school years. Explore the “our research”, “our resources” and “our programs” tabs to learn more and access resources.

Learn more about the principles of career education

How to find fulfilling work
This 5-minute video is aimed at adult audiences, but outlines some key concepts of career education very succinctly. Good for professional learning or personal reflection.

Career education in primary schools
Research shows that young people’s career aspirations are already forming from a very young age. Career-related learning at primary school is more about developing a child’s sense of self and opportunity awareness than the provision of “advice”. This UK report is an easy and informative read.

Explore the Labour Market

Job Outlook
This government website is regularly updated to provide up to date information on a wide range of industries and jobs. Teachers and students can use this site to explore industries and jobs from a number of different perspectives.

Job Jumpstart
Designed for a younger audience, this site provides easy-to-digest information about the practicalities of gaining a first job, as well as longer term career planning assistance. Teachers will quickly find helpful ideas and resources.

Labour Market Information Portal

Australian Jobs
This annual report produced by the Australian Government can seem daunting at first glance, but is designed to provide up-to-date labour market information to all Australians, including young people.

A free career information site, although it does require users to create a log in and account for statistical purposes. Once logged in, users can explore different industries, watch videos that explain different career options and build a career profile.

Learn from the experts

Australian Centre for Career Education (CEAV)
The Australian Centre for Career Education Ltd trading as CEAV Inc supports members and non-members to promote career development as a lifelong process. Careers practitioners and teachers can access a wealth of ethical and professional career education programs and products, as well as support for disadvantaged members of their community.

Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA)
CICA is the national peak body for the career industry in Australia. The CICA website contains a wealth of information for teachers and careers practitioners. To understand more about what underpins good practice in career education, explore the professional standards that govern this profession, and the benchmarking section. To read up-to-date reports on the development of career education thinking around the world, explore the resources section.

Find out how tertiary institutions help schools with career education

Tertiary institutions (TAFE and unis) provide a wide range of career-related information. Their alumni pages are a rich source of information about pathways to different careers and inspiration for good guest speakers. Specific faculties often have top quality outreach programs for school subjects related to that area of study. If your school has a careers practitioner, find out who your school’s dedicated representative is, or contact the student recruitment team directly. Institution pages dedicated to supporting careers practitioners also provide materials that will be useful in a classroom.

Encourage and support your students to explore these websites from a young age.

This site aims to provide easy comparison between different tertiary providers.

Other useful resources

LinkedIn is a rich source of career-related information. For teachers, it offers a place to follow thought leaders on career-related topics and find up-to-date tips on current trends in the labour market and the world of work. “Follow” reputable members, such as the CEAV, CICA and FYA to ensure access to good quality information. Explore university sites to see where alumni are now working and to connect with interesting guest speakers. For students, especially in the senior secondary years, establishing a LinkedIn presence may assist with networking and finding job opportunities.

AMSI Careers
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) also supports teachers to embed career education in their Mathematics learning and teaching with a wide range of career profiles, videos and other resources.