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Why does it matter?

Career Education positively affects:

  • Personal development: career education assists young people to become increasingly independent. It equips them to self-manage multiple career options and associated life choices.
  • Wellbeing and Engagement: students with a clearer understanding of their interests, values and strengths, along with the skills and knowledge to utilise this understanding effectively, are likely to have enhanced wellbeing outcomes. Evidence links student engagement with meaningful career education activities to more purposeful engagement with schooling generally.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: effective career education helps empower young people from disadvantaged groups to participate with more equity in the workforce. It also educates those who are not disadvantaged about the benefits of a more inclusive workforce. This can reduce the incidence and impact of discriminatory beliefs and behaviours.
  • Economics: effective career education contributes to higher levels of active participation in the workforce. A society in which all citizens participate is a healthier society.

Career education needs to start early and be embedded in all aspects of a school program, including the curriculum.