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Career Education in Victorian Schools

What is career education?

Career education is a carefully planned program of learning experiences – in education, training and workplace settings. It helps students make informed decisions about courses and careers, see the connection between school and future careers and gives them skills and knowledge to effectively navigate multiple and complex careers throughout life.

The Career Education Framework

The Career Education Framework comprises these areas: why career education matters, what students need to learn, what schools can do, resources for each of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 learning areas and capabilities, the Department of Education and Training (DET) support for career education, and external resources. Information about each of these areas can be accessed through the navigation tile links below.

Framework purpose

This Framework is for teachers in primary and secondary schools in all sectors to use to enrich their existing teaching and learning programs to facilitate effective career education for students.  The Framework uses student-focused language to provide teachers, most of whom are not trained career development specialists, with useful career-related terminology that they can use directly with students and embed through appropriate teaching and learning strategies.

Framework feedback

In the interests of continually improving the Framework and making it as useful to schools and teachers as possible, the VCAA invites and welcomes your feedback about what might be included, what you have found useful and what might require further development.

To provide your feedback please email: