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VEYLDF Learning & Development Outcomes: Birth to 8 years

This series of literature reviews and practice guides relates to each Learning and Development Outcome in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

  • The literature reviews document the research that is relevant to  each Learning and Development Outcome, and introduce assessment tools that can inform early childhood professional practice. These literature review include a summary of a range of assessment tools relevant to the particular VEYLDF Outcome, and that are available for use by early childhood professionals.
  • The practice guides provide a range of scenarios that can be used to prompt professional reflection. The scenarios illustrate early childhood professionals working in a range of settings.

Assessment of Children as Connected With and Contributing to Their World in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review

Unpacks the concept of connection and contribution, which includes developing a sense of belonging to groups and communities, and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active civic participation; responding to diversity with respect; becoming aware of fairness; and becoming socially responsible and showing respect for the environment.

Connection & Contribution Practice Guide

Supports early childhood professionals to extend their thinking about connection, which involves orientation, curiosity and participation, and about contribution, which involves decision-making, negotiation and responsibility

Assessment of Children as Having a Strong Sense of Identity in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review

Explores the concept of a strong sense of identity, which includes a sense of safety and security, autonomy and agency, a sense of self, and respectful interaction with others .

Identity Practice Guide

Supports practices that consolidate and strengthen a strong sense of identity in children and enhance their own ability to recognise how their strong sense of identity is developing

Assessment of Children as Confident and Involved Learners in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review

Learning Practice Guide

  • Strengthens early childhood professionals' understanding of the importance of children's confidence and involvement as learners to support quality assessment, reflection and pedagogical decision-making

  • Download the practice guide or read online

Assessment of Children as Effective Communicators in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review

  • Identifies principles for assessing communication across birth to eight years and highlights the importance of communication in enabling children to access and participate meaningfully in a diverse range of learning opportunities

Communication Practice Guide

  • Provides practical examples of early childhood professionals supporting children's effective communication, and highlights partnerships between early childhood professionals, families and speech pathologists

  • Download the practice guide.

Assessment of Wellbeing in Early Childhood Education and Care: Literature Review

Wellbeing Practice Guide

  • Strengthens understanding of the importance of wellbeing and supports practices that establish strong foundations for children's lifelong wellbeing
  • Download the practice guide.