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Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Download this printable quick guide for more information about the F–10 curriculum websites.


Victorian Curriculum F–10

Access and download the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 is used by teachers to:

  • understand the curriculum-specific achievement standards and content descriptions they are teaching
  • filter by curriculum area or level
  • compare learning areas
  • access elaborations
  • download the curriculum.

Overview includes information about:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Cross-curriculum Priorities
  • Diversity of Learners
  • Navigation and Terminology.

Each curriculum includes an introduction incorporating:

  • Rationale and Aims
  • Structure
  • Learning in
  • Scope and Sequence charts
  • Glossary.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority F–10 Curriculum section

Access and download curriculum-related resources, sign up for professional learning, and find contact information for curriculum-specific enquiries.

The resources and support pages are used to:

  • help teachers plan
  • help teachers find teaching resources
  • help teachers assess.

Stay informed by subscribing to the VCAA Bulletin and the F–10 Update. Access and register for VCAA’s professional learning opportunities.

Curriculum area resources include:

  • curriculum-specific planning, assessment and reporting advice
  • links to relevant external resources, curriculum-specific information, and contact information for VCAA’s curriculum managers.

Cross-curriculum resources include:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • STEM
  • Bushfire Education
  • Home Economics
  • Respectful Relationships
  • World Views and Religions.

Advice includes:

  • Revised F–10 Curriculum Planning and Reporting Guidelines
  • Where to Now Guide
  • Music Education Guide.

Curriculum Planning Resource

Access resources to support schools to plan and document a comprehensive school-wide teaching and learning program using the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

This websites is used by school leaders to plan teaching and learning activities:

  • by school
  • by curriculum area
  • by year level
  • by unit/lesson.

Use the self-assessment tool to review a whole-school curriculum plan.

View examples of whole-school curriculum plans.

Access whole-school planning templates.

Read hints and tips to support school-based decisions and discussions around planning.