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The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first 11 years of schooling and is hosted on the purpose-built Victorian Curriculum website.

The VCAA also provides a dedicated whole-school curriculum planning resources website, with information and resources to support curriculum leaders to plan their whole-school curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

In addition to providing the Victorian Curriculum F–10, the VCAA has developed an array of resources to support schools to implement the curriculum, including professional learning opportunities. Resources are organised by curriculum areas, cross-curriculum topics and a professional learning program.

A glossary of command terms is also available, which is a list of terms commonly used across the Victorian Curriculum F–10, VCE study designs and VCE examinations.

Previous F–10 curricula can be accessed here.

Curriculum area resources

Access curriculum area-specific resources organised by ‘Help me plan’, ‘Help me find a teaching resource’ and ‘Help me assess’.

Cross-curriculum resources

Find resources for topics that draw on and link to multiple curriculum areas, such as Respectful Relationships and STEM.

Professional learning

View all upcoming online and face-to-face F–10 professional learning events, access specific event information and register to attend an event.

To see a visual representation of the ways these curriculum areas connect and intersect, download the  Mapping the Victorian Curriculum F–10 poster