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Overview of the Capabilities

Introduction to explicitly teaching and assessing the capabilities

This document contains useful background that supports understanding of the VCAA teaching resources for each capability. It can also assist with whole-school curriculum planning.

Introduction to Explicitly Teaching the Capabilities

Introduction to Explicitly Teaching the Capabilities

The document introduces a range of key considerations when determining what is required to explicitly teach the capabilities, and it consists of three sections:

  • Building deep familiarity with the capabilities curriculums
  • Explicitly introducing capabilities content and consolidating learning
  • Identifying progress in student learning (assessment).

A whole-school approach to implementing the capabilities

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 capabilities are a set of discrete knowledge and skills that can and should be taught explicitly in and through the learning areas. A whole-school approach to implementation of the capabilities assists in ensuring a coherent, rich and challenging learning experience for students and enables a coordinated approach to assessment.

School self-assessment tool

This resource is a self-assessment tool supporting whole-school implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 capabilities in three interrelated areas: curriculum planning, explicit teaching and assessment, and transfer of learning.

A whole-school approach to implementing the capabilities – a self-assessment tool

Developing a whole-school curriculum plan for implementing the capabilities, Levels 7–10

This resource has been produced to assist school leadership teams and teachers in implementing the capabilities schoolwide. It describes just one way of developing a whole-school curriculum plan for implementing the capabilities.

The resource includes examples from a 'case study' in a fictional Victorian secondary college. It also includes blank templates that schools can use to develop a whole-school curriculum plan.

Developing a whole-school curriculum plan for implementing the capabilities, Levels 7–10

Teaching for learning transfer

Developing capabilities across the curriculum involves building capacity to transfer learning from one context to another. The VCAA commissioned a literature review in 2018 to identify understandings of learning transfer, its importance and how to improve teaching for learning transfer. While the review paid particular attention to critical and creative thinking, it is relevant to all capabilities. 

Teaching for learning transfer: A literature review