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Student-led classroom resources

This page includes Civics and Citizenship learning and teaching videos and activities co-created by Victorian students, for students.

By students, for students

Victorian students at the VicSRC Congress voted Politics 101 as one of their top action priorities. The students wanted to develop resources that reflected what they needed to know to help them to become active and informed citizens. The civics and citizenship resources on this page were developed with the Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC).

These student-led resources include videos, resource booklets, activities and worksheets for students and a teacher guide. You can use the videos and resource booklets to help students learn about some key civics and citizenship themes, including active civic participation, citizenship, policy, media and voting. The activities and worksheets offer opportunities for students to apply their learning and take action in their schools and communities.

The co-creation process

VicSRC formed a Civics and Citizenship Student Working Group to address their priority. The students in this group collaborated with the VCAA to create these videos, resource booklets, activities, worksheets and teacher guide to use in the classroom. The development of these resources is an example of student voice and agency in action.

Watch the About these resources video to find out more about the resources from the students who helped to create them.

Student videos

Student-led resources

These resources are organised by curriculum bands and can be easily integrated into established learning and teaching programs.

Teacher guide

This guide will support you to implement student-led civics and citizenship activities in your learning and teaching program. The guide shows how the resources are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship Levels 3–10. It also explains the meaning of student voice, agency and leadership, and contains links to additional resources.

More information

Civics and Citizenship resources

Civics and Citizenship Victorian Curriculum F–10

‘We are proud of the work we have done and feel that this is an important project. We believe that young people’s understanding and passion for civics and citizenship is critical to the future of our communities. We hope that these resources inspire your students to take action in their school and community’
Rumaan Baryalai
VicSRC Civics and Citizenship Student Working Group member
VicSRC Student Executive Advisory Committee member 2019–2020