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Civics and Citizenship


Curriculum area resources support teachers to implement the curriculum. Resources are organised by 'Planning resources', 'Teaching resources' and 'Assessment resources'.

Overview of Civics and Citizenship

The Civics and Citizenship curriculum develops students’ knowledge of political and legal institutions and explores the nature of citizenship in a pluralistic liberal democracy. Students will develop general skills and capabilities such as an appreciation of diverse perspectives, empathy, collaboration, negotiation, self-awareness and intercultural understanding.

Learning in Civics and Citizenship emphasises investigating contemporary issues and developing points of views that encourage and enable students to participate in, and contribute to Australian society as active and informed citizens. Contemporary issues such as debates over changes to the law, elections and Australian government responses to international events, are a means of linking what students may know from the media to the theory about democratic political and legal institutions and values such as fairness, equality, representation and accountability and citizens’ rights that underpin a democracy.

The Civics and Citizenship curriculum  can be viewed on the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website

To view key components of the Civics and Citizenship curriculum, view presentation Introducing Civics and Citizenship.

For F–10 curriculum area advice to support remote learning, see Curriculum advice for remote and flexible learning for this curriculum area.


Adam Brodie-McKenzie
Curriculum Manager - Civics and Citizenship
tel: + 61 3 7022 2386

Professional associations

Social Education Victoria

This teacher professional association supports the teaching of Civics and Citizenship and society and environment using integrated approaches to social education course content.

Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA)

This teacher professional association focuses on supporting legal teachers with classroom resources.