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Critical and Creative Thinking


Curriculum area resources support teachers to implement the curriculum. Resources are organised by 'Planning resources', 'Teaching resources' and 'Assessment resources'.

Overview of Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative Thinking fosters logical, strategic, flexible and adventurous thinking in students and a reflective self-awareness in managing thinking and thinking processes. Every curriculum area in the Victorian Curriculum: F–10 contributes to the development of a holistic critical and creative thinker; however the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum itself describes discrete content and achievement standards that are not replicated in other learning areas.

The Victorian Curriculum Critical and Creative Thinking is organised into three inter-related strands: Questions and Possibilities, Reasoning and Meta-Cognition.

The Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum can be viewed on the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.

To learn about key components of the Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum, view the presentation Introducing Critical and Creative Thinking.

For F–10 curriculum area advice to support remote learning, see Curriculum advice for remote and flexible learning for this curriculum area.


Monica Bini
Curriculum Manager - Critical and Creative Thinking
tel: + 61 3 9059 5142

Professional associations

Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools