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Curriculum area resources support teachers to implement the curriculum. Resources are organised by 'Planning resources', 'Teaching resources' and 'Assessment resources'.

Overview of Dance

In Dance, students explore the elements of dance, skills, techniques and processes through the practices of choreography, performance and appreciation. Students use combinations of the elements of dance: space, time, dynamics and relationships, to communicate and express ideas and intentions through expressive and purposeful movement.

Learning in Dance involves students engaging in dance experiences drawn from a variety of genres and styles including theatrical, traditional, social, ritual and other current dance styles and forms.

Across F–10, students explore dance from a range of cultures, times and locations. As students learn about dance they broaden their experiences of dance genres and particular styles and use these as a springboard for their making and responding in Dance. They also consider how dance can communicate and challenge ideas about issues and concepts.

The Dance Curriculum can be accessed on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 website.

To learn about key components of the Dance curriculum, view the presentation Introducing Dance (pptx - 313.08kb)


Margaret Arnold
Curriculum Manager - Dance
tel: + 61 3 9059 5140

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This national organisation provides resources to support dance education, including the Safe Dance Guidelines.

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