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Health and Physical Education - Indicative progress

Indicative progress descriptions (revised)

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 has been designed as a continuum of learning, with achievement standards provided at the end of a level or more typically, at the end of a band of levels. As students progress along the curriculum, indicative progress descriptions can assist teachers to describe what student progress looks like between achievement standards. Such a description of a student's progression of learning may be useful to a teacher when they need to assess and report on students' learning progress when they are only partially through teaching the level and hence the student is still working towards the level Achievement Standard.

To assist teachers to develop their own indicative progress descriptions, the VCAA has provided an indicative progress template that includes an annotated example, a curriculum-specific example of indicative progress and a template prepopulated with the curriculum-specific achievement standards.

If you need this information in an accessible format such as large print or audio, contact the F-10 Unit:

Please note: The indicative progress templates and examples are provided as advice. They are just one of a number of tools teachers can use to help form an on-balance judgment about their students' learning progress against the Victorian Curriculum F–10 achievement standards.