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Curriculum area-specific resources have been developed to support teachers implementing the curriculum, organised by 'Help me plan', 'Help me find a teaching resource' and 'Help me assess'.

For F–10 curriculum area advice to support remote learning, see Curriculum advice for remote and flexible learning for this curriculum area.

Overview of History

The Victorian Curriculum History is organised into two strands: Historical Concepts and Skills and Historical Knowledge. The underpinning concepts and skills of sequencing chronology, using historical sources as evidence, identifying continuity and change, analysing causes and effect and determining historical significance are explicit in this structure.

The History curriculum  can be viewed on the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website

To learn about key components of the History curriculum, view the presentation Introducing History


Gerry Martin, History Curriculum Manager

Phone (03) 9032 1694 or email the History Curriculum Manager

Professional associations

History Teachers Association of Victoria

Provides a range of professional learning and resources to support the teaching of history.

History Teachers Association of Australia

The History Teachers Association of Australia have developed eight units  to support teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. These are compatible with the Victorian Curriculum F–10.