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Curriculum area resources support teachers to implement the curriculum. Resources are organised by 'Planning resources', 'Teaching resources' and 'Assessment resources'.


Indonesian is spoken by over 230 million people throughout the Indonesian archipelago and is the official language of government, education, business and the media. It has been and continues to be shaped by other languages (for example, in terms of lexicon, grammatical structures and idiomatic usage), most significantly Javanese, Dutch, Arabic and English. Colloquial forms of Indonesian, such as bahasa sehari-hari and bahasa gaul, are used for informal daily interactions.

Indonesian is written using the Roman alphabet, and there is a clear correlation and a degree of consistency between its sound and its written form. Please refer to Learning in Indonesian for further information.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 Indonesian has two interrelated strands, Communicating and Understanding, which are further divided into sub-strands. The Indonesian curriculum recognises that there are different entry points into language learning across F–10, which reflects current language teaching practice.

There are two possible learning sequences:

  • F–10 sequence for students who begin to learn the language in primary school and continue to Year 10.
  • 7–10 sequence for students who begin to learn the language in Year 7.

The Languages curriculum on the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website can be viewed here.

Please refer to the general frequently asked questions for Languages.

A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Languages is available: Introducing Languages


Kylie Witt
Manager - Languages Unit
tel: + 61 3 9059 5120

Professional associations

Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers' Association (VILTA)

The Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria (MLTAV) The MLTAV is a professional association for language teachers and is the umbrella organisation for Single Language Associations (SLAs) in Victoria.