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Non-Roman Alphabet Languages


Curriculum area resources support teachers to implement the curriculum. Resources are organised by 'Planning resources', 'Teaching resources' and 'Assessment resources'.


The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority has developed a curriculum for Non-Roman Alphabet languages which will allow these languages to be offered by a Victorian school where there is no specific curriculum available.

Understanding the diverse language backgrounds and competencies of students is the starting point for developing language learning. The changing pattern of migration to Australia is extending the range of languages students bring with them to school.

Student language competency varies significantly depending upon the sequence of learning being undertaken and the level the student has reached. For example, language competency will be influenced by the stage of the students' schooling, whether they are:

  • entering the early years of schooling
  • transitioning to secondary school
  • preparing for the higher secondary levels and considering future pathways, including language learning.

Please refer to Learning in Non-Roman Alphabet Languages for further information.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 Non-Roman Alphabet Languages has two interrelated strands, Communicating and Understanding, which are further divided into sub-strands. The Non-Roman Alphabet languages curriculum recognises that there are different entry points into language learning across F–10, which reflects current language teaching practice.

There are two possible learning sequences:

  • F–10 sequence for students who begin to learn the language in primary school and continue to Year 10.
  • 7–10 sequence for students who begin to learn the language in Year 7.

The Languages curriculum  can be viewed on the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website

Please refer to the general frequently asked questions for Languages.

A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 Languages is available: Introducing Languages


Kylie Witt
Manager - Languages Unit
tel: + 61 3 9059 5120

Professional associations

The Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria (MLTAV) The MLTAV is a professional association for language teachers and is the umbrella organisation for Single Language Associations (SLAs) in Victoria.