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Frequently asked questions

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Please also refer to the general frequently asked questions for the Arts.

Can the Music curriculum be delivered through an instrumental music program?

In the Music, students learn through listening, composing, performing and responding. Instrumental music learning is one way that students can undertake these activities. In Levels 7-8 and 9-10 the content elaborations include examples of learning activities suitable for instrumental music programs.

The Levels F–6 curriculum for Music introduces the elements of Music progressively. Can other elements be included in the learning program?

The elements of Music are introduced progressively across Foundation- Levels  5-6. For example, in the Foundation level content descriptions and achievement standard emphasise the elements of pitch and beat/rhythm.  Students will also learn about other elements such as dynamics as they sing, play, compose and listen to music Many learning activities will introduce students to  elements that will be explored more thoroughly in later levels, for example, students will begin to learn about texture when if they  improvise and perform a body percussion accompaniment to a song .

Our school offers a Performing Arts program. Can that program be used to deliver the Dance curriculum?

Yes. The Victorian Curriculum is structured to give schools flexibility to deliver learning programs that meet the needs of their students and make best use of available resources.

The curriculum for each Arts discipline is structured around the same strands: Explore and Express; Arts Practice; Perform and Present and Respond and Interpret. This structure allows teachers to plan programs that draw on the performing Arts disciplines individually and/or in combination.  A Performing Arts program might include separate components for each of Dance, Drama and/or Music or might involve students in creating and performing work that incorporates all three disciplines.

These curriculum mapping templates  can be used  to check links between a Performing Arts program and content descriptions and achievement standards for each of the performing Arts disciplines.