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Unit of work

Where are dinosaurs in Victorian Curriculum F–6 Science?

This resource explores how the context of 'dinosaurs' can be used to teach science content and skills. Although not explicitly in the curriculum, the topic of dinosaurs is an exciting and engaging lens that can be used to teach some of the key ideas of science, particularly that function relies on form. This resource shines a light on where links can be made between the Victorian Curriculum F–10 and the theme of dinosaurs, provides advice on practical hands-on activities as a stimulus for customising your own school program, and examines how activities can be designed to individualise student learning, including for multi-level classrooms.  

This resource has been adapted from an online presentation to F–10 Science teachers.

Where are dinosaurs in Victorian Curriculum F–6 Science

Where are dinosaurs in Victorian Curriculum F–6 Science

Academic vocabulary

Academic vocabulary can be broadly defined as the specific language requirements students need to know and understand in order to learn. This includes the specific language content for each learning area and capability that students need to master in order to be successful learners within that field of study.

For information on academic vocabulary visit Department of Education and Training - Vocabulary andVCAA Academic Vocabulary.

External resources

The following external links are for teacher reference purposes. They do not constitute VCAA endorsement of the views or materials contained on these sites.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Education Programs

Explore the range of engaging science programs based on real CSIRO science for schools and students. Includes CREST, Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools, and Sustainable Futures

Cool Australia

Cool Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides curriculum-linked free access resources for teachers and students including online materials and teacher professional development. The learning activities are year level specific and align with the Victorian Curriculum.

MoneySmart Teaching

ResourceSmart Schools

ResourceSmart Schools helps schools reduce costs while giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a tangible and realistic environment.

Teacher Earth Science Education Programme

The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) is supported by the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) as well as a range of industry partners and offers primary and secondary school resources related to Earth and space sciences.

Academy of Science-Primary Connections

Primary Connections: Linking science with literacy is the Australian Academy of Science's flagship primary school science program. It is an innovative approach to teaching and learning which aims to enhance primary school teachers' confidence and competence for teaching science.

Science by Doing

A senior seconadary resource for students in Years 7-10.