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Curriculum reviews have been conducted for:

VCAL Personal Development Skills Strand

VCAL Work Related Skills Strand

Skills for Further Study – Senior

The format of the Curriculum Planning Guide for these Strands and Units has also been revised, as per the VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Strand, and is now spilt into two (2) related documents:

  • The Curriculum document, including an outline of the Strand and Unit information, purpose statements, learning outcomes and elements, and assessment requirements
  • an Advice for Teachers document, including VCAL policies, underpinning skills and knowledge and related support materials, including examples of assessment tasks and integrated activities for all outcomes

Consultation is sought on the Curriculum document only. A Summary of changes is included to highlight the differences between the current and the proposed new document.

The VCAL has four curriculum areas, called strands. These strands are:

  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Industry specific skills
  • Work related skills
  • Personal development skills.

VCAL units are designed to meet the purpose of the strand to which they contribute credit to. Each VCAL unit contains accredited learning outcomes that must be satisfactorily completed in order to meet the requirements of that unit. Each VCAL unit is 100 nominal hours in length. The satisfactory completion of each unit contributes one credit towards the VCAL at the appropriate award level.

For further information about VCAL, contact the VCAL unit.







Note: There are no VCAL curriculum units within the Industry specific skills strand. At the Intermediate and Senior level of the VCAL, curriculum selected for this strand must be drawn from nationally recognised VET certificates or selected VET units/modules within FE certificates.