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Allocation of strands to regions

The VCAA has established nine VCAL QA regions. These nine regions are similar to the previous nine Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (now DET) regions. Some of these nine regions have been further divided into sub regions, each with their own QA Panel and Panel Leader.

Please note: VCAL providers with more than one campus are reminded that, for the purposes of QA, each campus is regarded as a standalone provider.  Therefore, each campus needs to provide the VCAL QA templates that meet their local delivery context by the due date and participate in the QA process as required in their region.

RegionQA Panel LeaderStrand at the highest level
Barwon South WestGeelong: Cherie OstaLiteracy Skills
 Warrnambool: Narelle Holiday
GrampiansBallarat: Karen FarquharWork Related Skills and Skills for Further Study – Senior
 Horsham: Andy Reynolds
GippslandInner: Robert JukesNumeracy Skills
 East: Terrie Crowe
HumeDeb HubbardLiteracy Skills
Loddon MalleeBendigo: Penelope JennerNumeracy Skills
 Mildura: Hayley Wilson
Eastern MetropolitanLoretta GoldsmithPersonal Development Skills
Western MetropolitanGail AndersonWork Related Skills and Skills for Further Study – Senior
Northern MetropolitanFran DaveyPersonal Development Skills
Southern MetropolitanTracey SeachWork Related Skills and Skills for Further Study – Senior


Please note: If you are a new VCAL provider please see VCAL QA arrangements for new providers for details of your Quality Assurance requirements.

In 2020, a new VCAL unit Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation – Senior will be available for all providers. All QA of this unit in 2020 will be completed by the VCAA. The QA process for this unit will be determined in consultation with providers and the VCAA VCAL unit.

It is recommended that providers make contact with their QA Panel Leader early in the year to ensure communication is established and that they are included in all correspondence related to the QA dates and requirements specific to their region or sub region.

Following the submission and validation of QA templates, the QA Panel Leader in each VCAL QA region/sub region will notify providers of their VCAL QA category for 2020, as well as the date, times and venue details for the Stage 1 and 2 VCAL QA meetings.

Contact details for all QA Panel Leaders are on the Panel Contacts page.