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Panel roles

Quality Assurance Panel Leader

  • chairs the regional VCAL QA panel, including ongoing liaison with the QA panel, providers and the VCAA
  • collects QA templates from providers and distributes them to QA panel members
  • convenes a meeting/s of the QA panel after sample tasks have been submitted by providers
  • follows up any provider who has not submitted QA templates by the due date
  • organises the venue/s for both Stage 1 and 2 meetings
  • supervises and participates in the quality assurance process of VCAL units
  • ensures that feedback and advice is given to providers during the QA process
  • prepares a report for the VCAA at the end of each stage of QA
  • participates in VCAA VCAL provider audits
  • forwards examples of best practice to the VCAA for publication.
  • provides advice and support to VCAL coordinators and teachers in their region during the year
  • liaises with the VCAA central office VCAL team as required.

Quality Assurance Panel Member

  • liaises with QA Panel Leader and other panel members throughout the QA process
  • receives QA templates and assesses each one and records on the feedback sheet
  • assists the QA Panel Leader as requested, including facilitating aspects of QA meetings, following up with providers, and giving feedback to both the Panel Leader and providers
  • establishes, with the QA Panel Leader, regional benchmarks for consistency in the design and assessment of VCAL units and VCAL unit learning outcomes
  • provides advice to VCAL providers that will enable them to design VCAL unit assessment tasks and to make assessment decisions about successful achievement of the learning outcomes for a VCAL unit
  • selects examples of best practice VCAL tasks / activities for circulation / publication (with permission).

Quality Assurance Panel Observer

  • shadows QA panel members in reviewing and assessing QA templates in order to understand the QA process
  • attends Stage 1 and 2 QA meetings and supports the panel.

Quality Assurance – VCAL Provider (School / Principal / Director / CEO)

  • Is the conduit of information from the VCAA / QA Panel and the VCAL teachers
  • Supports and enables teachers to fully participate in the QA process
  • Supports and enables teachers to attend the Stage 1 and 2 meetings as required.

Quality Assurance Panel participant (Teachers / providers)

  • completes the QA template and submits to QA Panel leader by the required date
  • attends the Stage 1 and 2 meetings as required
  • participates in the QA process and follows up on feedback provided to them by the QA panel.


  • manages the appointment and induction of QA panels
  • annually updates all required material and communicates QA expectations with providers
  • informs new providers of their QA responsibilities as part of the VCAA authorisation process
  • provides professional learning that supports the QA process, including the completion of the QA template
  • supports QA Panel Leaders in their work, following up with providers as required
  • leads VCAA VCAL provider audits
  • consolidates the QA Panel Leaders reports to prepare a state-wide report for the VCAA
  • manages the QA for the VCAL Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation – Senior unit.