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Privacy and permission requirements

The following advice has been prepared for providers regarding the use of photographic and video images and student and school names being included on samples of student work for VCAL QA.

Personal information should only be used for the purpose for which it was collected or for a directly related purpose that would reasonably be expected by the individual. Using information for a different or unrelated purpose usually requires the consent of the person unless an exception applies. The VCAA and all those participating in the VCAL QA process will not use or disclose the samples of student work for any other purpose.

Samples of work that are submitted for VCAL QA must not include the student’s name (only their VCAA student number) and if the work is being viewed by teachers from other schools the school code must be used and not the school name.

Student work, e.g. samples of best practice, must not be photocopied without first checking for copyright permission from the student. This permission should be contained in the student’s VCE/VCAL enrolment form.

Students’ assessment tasks cannot be photocopied and used without the express permission of the student whose work it is, unless the photocopying is for the intended purpose of collection, i.e. if copies are needed to be distributed for VCAL QA. In this instance, the copies should be identified e.g. Copy 1, 2 etc. and then collected after the intended function has been completed. Subject to students’ prior approval (see Section D on the VCE and VCAL Student Personal Details form) examples of work that are considered best practice may be kept and circulated to other providers.

Multimedia or photographic images may be submitted as part of the QA process, but permission must first be obtained from the person/s being photographed or digitally recorded. In collecting evidence for the purposes of VCAL QA, providers should comply with their school/organisation or sectoral policies concerning the publishing of students’ images and related personal information.