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About the QA process

Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of the implementation of the VCAL certificate. The VCAL QA process ensures a common and consistent understanding of the assessment tasks and teacher judgments at each of the three VCAL levels.

Participation in the annual VCAL QA process is a requirement for authorisation to deliver VCAL. All Principals/Directors must therefore allow appropriate staff to participate in the VCAL QA process and attend VCAL QA meetings if required. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) strongly recommends that the teacher who completes the QA template also attend the QA meeting/s.

Failure to participate in the VCAL QA process may trigger a VCAA audit of the VCAL learning program and / or reassessment of authorisation to deliver VCAL.

Purpose of the VCAL QA process

The VCAL QA process ensures that there is a common understanding and consistency among teachers regarding assessment judgements and the design of assessment tasks for the three VCAL certificate levels.

The VCAL QA process enables teachers to clarify their ideas about the appropriate VCAL certificate level and tasks for their students.

A VCAL QA Panel, led by a QA Panel Leader, has been established in each VCAL QA region to:

  • establish benchmarks for consistency in the assessment of VCAL levels and VCAL learning outcomes
  • provide support and advice to VCAL teachers that will enable them to design VCAL unit assessment tasks and activities, and to make assessment judgements about successful achievement of VCAL learning outcomes
  • allocate providers to one of three Quality Assurance categories
  • highlight outstanding practice in VCAL learning program design.

The roles and responsibilities of all participants in VCAL Quality Assurance are defined in the Appendix. This includes the role of the Panel Leader, Panel Member, Panel Observer, VCAL provider and VCAL teacher as well as the VCAA VCAL unit.

For VCAA clarification of VCAL QA expectations or regional allocation, please contact the VCAL unit or phone 9032 1725.

VCAL Quality Assurance Process – 2021

Quality Assurance Template preparation

  • VCAA host a webinar on Wednesday 17 February 2021 to support teachers in completing the QA template
  • Some VCAL QA region panels may also host localised professional learning sessions to support teachers in completing the QA template

Quality Assurance Template submission

All templates are due to the Quality Assurance Panel Leaders by Friday 19 March 2021.

Quality Assurance Template validation

Quality Assurance panels assess and allocate categories to all providers.

Category allocation table
Category 1Category 2Category 3

A Category 1 provider has their QA template validated by the QA panel. A validated template meets the following criteria:

  • The task/s is at the appropriate VCAL certificate level.
  • The task/s meets the purpose statement of the strand/unit.
  • The task/s enables the students to meet the learning outcomes/elements specified.
  • The template demonstrates a clear distinction between activities and evidence.
  • Providers have listed a variety of activities and evidence to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes and elements.
  • The template has enough detail for the panel to determine that the teacher is able to deliver the proposed program with no further assistance.

A provider is classified as a Category 2 if:

  • The QA template is not validated by the QA panel. A template is not validated if it has not met the criteria for Category 1.
  • The QA panel believes the provider would benefit from additional support in the preparation of the QA template/s or in the delivery of their VCAL program.

A provider is classified as a Category 3 if:

  • The provider is delivering VCAL for the first time.
  • The teacher, in an existing VCAL provider, is teaching the VCAL unit required for QA for the first time, for example, an experienced literacy teacher is now teaching PDS and PDS is the strand required for QA.
  • The provider is returning to deliver the VCAL after a break.
  • The provider did not submit template/s for QA.

QA Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meetings

Category 1 providers are not required to attend Stage 1 or 2 QA meetings.
Providers may choose to attend QA Stage 1 and/or 2 QA meetings for professional development and networking purposes.  They may also be invited to attend to share their expertise and knowledge

A Category 2 provider is required to resubmit the template/s and attend the Stage 1 VCAL QA meeting, as indicated by the QA panel. The QA panel may also ask some Category 2 providers to attend the Stage 2 QA meeting

A Category 3 provider is required to resubmit the template/s (if directed by the QA panel) and attend both Stage 1 and Stage 2 VCAL QA meetings.