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VCAL Quality Assurance templates

Please note: in 2020 the VCAA will provide VCAL Quality Assurance templates. These replace the Sample Assessment Task Templates (SATTS). The revised templates require the same level of detail from providers and function in the same way.

VCAA VCAL QA templates must be completed and submitted to the QA Panel leader by Friday 20 March 2020.

The VCAA VCAL QA process is based on providers submitting a sample of tasks / activities and evidence of student learning used within a VCAL curriculum unit to their regional QA panel. It does not need to include all tasks / activities and evidence of learning from the course.

It is a snapshot of the learning program.

The tasks / activities and evidence of student learning that is submitted for VCAL QA should, however, stand alone and not require further explanation to the QA panel. Sufficient detail must therefore be included to give a clear idea of how the tasks/activities meet the learning outcomes and elements and to allow the QA panel to validate the evidence as being at the appropriate VCAL certificate level and having sufficient rigor.

The regional VCAL QA panels will meet to review the QA templates according to the following criteria:

  • Does the task meet the purpose statement of the strand/unit?
  • Is the task at the appropriate VCAL certificate level?
  • Does the task enable the student to achieve the specified learning outcomes/elements?
  • Is the evidence likely to be submitted to support this template sufficient to demonstrate learning?

The VCAL QA panels will determine the category of the provider and provide feedback on the task/s submitted. The VCAL QA panels determine the best method to provide feedback to providers.

Providers are asked to use the following QA templates for the 2020 VCAL QA process:

  • Personal Development Skills
  • Work Related Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Skills for Further Study – Senior
  • Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation – Senior

Providers with questions regarding the 2020 VCAL QA process for their region should contact their QA Panel Leader. For contact details, please see Panel contacts.

Personal Development Skills (PDS) Units


Work Related Skills (WRS) Units


Literacy Skills Units


Numeracy Skills Units

Advanced Senior


Skills for Further Study Unit – Senior

Skills for Further Study - Senior


Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation – Senior

Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation – Senior


Work Related Skills and Structured Workplace Learning / part time work

Providers who are required to submit WRS units for QA and are using Structured Workplace Learning or a student’s part-time job to demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes from a WRS unit, are requested to include these activities in the documents submitted for QA.

This could include, but is not limited to, the provider’s documentation on how they map achievement of the learning outcomes to the tasks and activities that the students complete as part of either SWL or part time work.

Notes for completing QA templates for all providers

  • In 2020 Quality Assurance for Literacy Skills and Numeracy Skills Strand has been split.
  • Literacy skills: The QA template submitted for the Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing unit, within the Literacy and Numeracy Skills strand, must address four learning outcomes – two for reading and two for writing.
  • Providers are highly encouraged to also submit a QA template for Oral Communication units, to allow the QA panel to understand the complete Literacy program.
  • Numeracy skills: The QA template submitted for the selected Numeracy Skills unit, within the Literacy and Numeracy Skills strand, must address all learning outcomes from that unit. Numeracy Skills units submitted need to come from Foundation, Intermediate Unit 1, Senior unit 1 or Senior Advanced Numeracy.
  • All learning outcomes must be addressed in the QA templates submitted for:
  • Personal Development Skills (PDS)
  • Skills for Further Study – Senior (SFS)
  • Portfolio Enhancement and Presentation - Senior (PEP) and
  • Work Related Skills (WRS)
  • Each provider must submit a QA template for a unit at the highest level at which it is delivered. For example, a provider that delivers both Intermediate and Senior WRS would be required to submit a template for the Senior WRS unit.
  • In the case of PDS and WRS units, providers can determine which unit is submitted. For example, for WRS, providers may choose to submit either Units 1 or 2.
  • Providers must include sufficient detail in the QA template/s for their VCAL QA panel to determine if the learning outcomes and all appropriate elements have been met and that the tasks are at the appropriate certificate level. 

Please note: from 2020 the revised VCAL curriculum for PDS, WRS, Skills and Portfolio states that:

Wherever possible, all elements in a learning outcome should be achieved in one assessment task.

This provides teachers with a greater scope for implementation and assessment. As a result, the same approach will apply to QA templates for the above curriculum.

Portfolios of evidence for all providers

If you are required to attend a Stage 2 QA meeting you need to prepare a portfolio of evidence. A student portfolio contains evidence of the student’s own work that demonstrates successful completion of the VCAL unit learning outcomes. It can include:

  • teacher observation checklists
  • student self-assessment (verified by teacher/supervisor)
  • reflective work journals
  • logbooks
  • a record of oral presentations or discussions
  • written texts, e.g. reflective diaries
  • information and communications technology e.g. blogs, social media, websites, wikis, podcasts, e-portfolios, multimedia presentations
  • newspaper articles verifying student participation in a community project
  • action plans and timelines
  • photographic records of project work
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • a record of a radio broadcast
  • student worksheets.