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Where can I find rankings of schools based on their performance in the VCE?

The VCAA does not rank schools or produce a list of the “best”-performing schools in the VCE. We believe that there are many features about schools which should be taken into account when making a decision about a child’s schooling and that a single ranking of Victorian schools is not the most useful approach.

However, we do publish Post-Compulsory Completion and Achievement data for all VCE providers. This is an alphabetical list showing VCE, VCAL and VET unit enrolments, certificate completion rates and data on study scores. For help on interpreting the information, read the Reference Guide.

There are also publications that, while not endorsed by the VCAA, provide extra information on the facilities and programs of schools, for example the Good Schools Guide and Choosing A School for Your Child. Both of these publications are available from newsagents.

My son/daughter is transferring into the VCE from interstate/overseas. Can he/she still earn the VCE?

Students need to complete 16 units to be awarded the VCE. A student who is transferring into year 11 or 12 may need to apply for their interstate or overseas studies to be credited towards the VCE to help them reach 16 units.

Schools apply for credit for the VCE - students should ask their VCE coordinator to put in an application for them.

My son/daughter has lost his/her VCE results. How can I get another copy?

Former students can get another copy of their certificate or results by making an application for replacement of results

They can request a replacement VCE or VCAL certificate, VCE or VCAL statement of results or VET statement of results or GAT Statement of Results. Selected results for previous senior secondary qualifications such as the HSC and Matriculation are also available.

If you want to obtain results on behalf of your son or daughter, you will need to supply either:

  • a signed letter of authorisation from the student stating their name, address and school details, stating that he/she permits you to act on his/her behalf


  • a certified photocopy of a Power of Attorney which gives you the right to act on the student’s behalf.

If the application does not include one of these then no results will be issued.

How are subjects scaled? How is the ATAR calculated?

The VCAA does not scale VCE subjects. This only happens as part of the calculation of the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) for tertiary entrance purposes. (The ATAR was formerly known as the ENTER)

Calculation of the ATAR is the responsibility of the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

Further information

Acronyms and terms are defined in the VCAA Words and acronyms.

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