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VCE studies on the Northern Hemisphere Timetable

The curriculum and assessment requirements for the units in the individual study are in accordance with the study design that applied in the previous Victorian VCE calendar year. The study specific resources, for example the Advice for teachers publications, are available on the study pages.









English/EAL text list

For English Units 3 and 4 and EAL Units 3 and 4, the text list is modified to reflect the specific selection of texts being studied by students enrolled in the NHT, as advised by authorised providers.

Curriculum and assessment requirements

Any study offered on the NHT is subject to the curriculum and assessment requirements that applied in the previous Victorian VCE calendar year.

The external assessment results of the NHT cohort will be subject to equating to ensure comparability with the results of the larger Victorian cohort assessed in the previous calendar year.

See NHT past examinations and examination reports

How to apply

Victorian schools must apply for authorisation to offer VCE studies on the NHT. Students can only be enrolled with an authorised school.

Apply for authorisation to deliver VCE studies on the NHT

Planning for the NHT timetable

The administrative arrangements to support delivery of VCE studies on this alternative timetable need to be considered, with adequate time allowed to plan for and implement required changes.

View NHT timetable