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Media study design amendments

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VCE Media 2018-2023 ​study design amendments​ 

​In response to feedback from stakeholders during the VCE Media implementation workshops held by the VCAA during 2017, the VCE Media study design 2018-2023 has been updated with an amendment to the Cross-study specifications and to the introduction to Unit 4, Area of Study 1 as indicated below. The VCE Media Study Design 2018-2023 (amended August 2017) includes these amendments. ​

Cross-study specifications​

​Page 9 Media narratives 

The sentence in the first paragraph: ‘Narratives are the depiction of a chain of events in a cause and effect relationship occurring in physical or virtual space over a period of time’, has been deleted.

Amended paragraph: 

In VCE Media, narrative is used to describe fictional and non-fictional media stories in all media forms. In narratives the term ‘story’ refers to all events that contribute to the narrative. 

Unit 3, Area of Study 1, Introduction 

Page 20: Narrative and ideology 

In the third paragraph, /or has been added to the first sentence – fictional​​ and/or non-fictional. 

Amended sentence: 

Students examine fictional and/or non-fictional narratives in the form of film and/or television and/or radio and/or audio product (that may be broadcast or streamed) and/or photographic and/or print products.