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Advice for teachers -

Unit 3 – Sample approaches to developing an assessment task

The VCE Media Study Design provides details of the key knowledge and key skills related to Unit 3: Area of Study 1.

Assessment task type: Structured questions.

Decide on the conditions under which the task will be conducted

Students would complete the task in 100 minutes of class time. Students would have researched and studied the media products and surrounding ideologies in class learning activities that covers the key knowledge and skills for the task, but they would not have access to the questions prior to the assessment.

The questions must allow the students to address the key knowledge and skills for the outcome, they must be structured so students can demonstrate their knowledge of the construction of narratives, how they are distributed, and how they are read by different audiences.

Design the task

Consider the language used in the key skills and knowledge. Students will need to be familiar with a range of terms covered in Area of Study 1 including media codes and conventions, audience engagement, consumption and reading of media narratives and ideological and institutional contexts.

Students should be able to analyse how narratives are constructed and distributed in at least two media products, with one of those products having been made in the five years prior to the current year of study. They must discuss audience engagement and consumption by the audience when the product was first made and a current day audience.

Students must analyse and discuss the relationships between media narratives and audiences, media narratives and the ideological, and institutional contexts of production.

Students discuss how ideologies shape media narratives and the relationship between the narrative, the ideological and institutional contexts of production and audience consumption and reception. Students need to be provided with the opportunity to clearly identify and analyse the ideology and link it with the media products they have selected.

Key questions should be designed to allow students to discuss the connections between media products, audiences, ideological and institutional contexts.

It may be useful for students to set up a grid or table with the key concepts they discuss or analyse for each media product studied.

Marking the task

The marking scheme used to assess a student's level of performance should reflect the relevant aspects of the performance descriptors and be explained to the students before commencing the task.

The structured questions should be based on the key skills for the outcome. It may be appropriate to allocate marks for each answer, reflecting the degree of difficulty or complexity required.