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Advice for teachers -

Unit 4 – Sample approaches to developing an assessment task

The VCE Media Study Design provides details of the key knowledge and key skills related to Unit 4: Area of Study 2.

Assessment task type: Written report

Decide on the conditions under which the task will be conducted

Students would complete the task in 100 minutes of class time. In preparing for the outcome, teachers can provide research and background information of a case study or allow students to research their own or choose from a list. Teachers should ensure that chosen case studies have similar complexity of understanding. Students are allowed to use notes based on their case study and the surrounding contexts. They would be provided with a rough outline of the requirements prior to the task. The requirements must allow the students to address all the key knowledge and skills for the outcome, therefore, the outcome must be structured so students can demonstrate their knowledge of the relationship between audiences, media and institutions, regulation and control, and ethical and legal issues.

Design the task

Plan and set a task that allows the teacher to assess the student's skills and knowledge and differentiates between student performance.

Students must write a report based on a case study of the media and its influence on, and relationship with, its audience and institutions as well as the issues and challenges of regulation in an Australian and international context.

Students should analyse, discuss and evaluate the following:

  • the extent of media influence and the media audience
  • the ethical and legal issues surrounding the product within its production, distribution, consumption and reception, and what these issues suggest about different viewpoints of the relationship between the media, audiences and institutions
  • the changing relationship between the media and its audience
  • the effectiveness, rationale for, issues and challenges of the regulation of the product and the audience.

The task must provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their use of media language in the analysis and discussion.

Marking the task

The marking scheme used to assess a student's level of performance should reflect the relevant aspects of the performance descriptors and be explained to students before commencing the task.

Marks can be allocated for each area of the report. However, they should reflect the degree of difficulty or complexity required for each area and based on the key skills for the outcome.