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English requirement for satisfactory completion of the VCE

To satisfactorily complete the VCE, a student must have satisfactory results (S) for a Unit 3–4 sequence from the English Group. The English Group includes English, English as an Additional Language, English Language and Literature.

The following rules for satisfactory completion of the VCE apply:

  • To satisfactory complete the VCE a student must have a satisfactory result (S) for a minimum of 16 units. This must include:
    • at least three units from the English Group, including a Unit 3–4 sequence
    • at least three other sequences of Unit 3–4 studies, which can include further sequences from the English group.

The VCE is an internationally recognised senior-secondary certificate. It opens doors to tertiary institutions, both in Australia and internationally, to higher level vocational and training certificate programs and into the highly competitive workplace.

The achievement by senior secondary students of a benchmark in literacy is an important feature of a qualification signalling exit from schooling. Satisfactory completion of a Unit 3–4 sequence of English Group units affirms the importance of English proficiency at the core of the senior secondary certificate.