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Advice to Teachers -

Maintenance of a logbook​

Students must maintain a logbook of practical activities for each of Units 1 to 4. The logbook is a record of the student’s practical and investigative work involving the generation of primary and/or collection of secondary data. Its purposes include providing a basis for further learning, for example, contributing to class discussions about demonstrations, activities or practical work; reporting back to the class on an experiment or activity; responding to questions in a practical worksheet or problem-solving exercise; or writing up an experiment as a formal report or a scientific poster. No formal presentation format for the logbook is prescribed.

The logbook may be digital and/or paper-based. Data may be qualitative and/or quantitative and may include the results of guided activities or investigations; planning notes for experiments; results of student-designed activities or investigations; personal reflections made during or at the conclusion of demonstrations, activities or investigations; simple observations made in short class activities; links to spreadsheet calculations and other student digital records and presentations; notes and electronic or other images taken on excursions; database extracts; web-based investigations and research, including online communications and results of simulations; surveys; interviews; and notes of any additional or supplementary work completed outside class. All logbook entries must be dated and in chronological order. Investigation partners, expert advice and assistance and secondary data sources must be acknowledged and/or referenced.

Teachers may use student logbooks for authentication and/or assessment purposes.