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Advice for teachers -

Student safety and wellbeing

Teachers and students should note that this course of study provides an academic overview of psychology and does not have any clinical or diagnostic intent. As with any aspect of teaching, pastoral care and health issues should be pursued in accordance with the school’s pastoral care policy (for example, referral to the school’s counsellor).

When developing courses, issues to consider include: duty of care in relation to health and safety of students in learning activities, practical work and activities; legislative compliance (for example, information privacy, student health records and copyright); sensitivity to cultural differences and personal beliefs (for example, discussions related to external influences on behaviour); adherence to community standards and ethical guidelines (for example, maintaining confidentiality of personal details); debriefing students after completing learning activities (for example, if learning activities require a component of deception); respect for persons and sensitivity to issues arising; sensitivity to student views on the use of animals in research (for example, in the provision of alternatives to dissection).

​For more detail regarding re​levant acts and regulations about student safety and wellbeing and for codes and principles on ethical conduct, refer to pages 8 and 9 of the VCE Psychology study design on the study page.