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Advice for teachers -
Applied Computing


The VCE Applied Computing 2020–2024 Advice for teachers provides teaching and learning advice for Units 1 to 4 and assessment advice for school-based assessment in Units 3 and 4.
The program developed and delivered to students must be in accordance with the VCE Applied Computing Study Design 2020–2024.

Developing a program

Teachers should use the VCE Applied Computing Study Design and this advice to develop a teaching and learning program that includes appropriate learning activities to enable students to develop the key knowledge and key skills identified in each area of study.

The VCE Applied Computing Study Design outlines the nature and sequence of learning and teaching necessary for students to demonstrate achievement of the outcomes for a unit. The areas of study describe the specific knowledge and skills required to demonstrate a specific outcome. Teachers are required to develop a program for their students that meet the requirements of the study design including: areas of study, outcome statements, key knowledge, key skills as well as VCAA timelines. The teaching program needs to be tailored to the school’s calendar.

In developing a program, teachers should design tasks that provide opportunities for students to work within the appropriate stages of the problem-solving methodology, incorporate a range of activities to develop real-world problems in a range of settings, and build their skills in critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, personal, social and information and communications technology (ICT) skills.

Practical and theoretical activities

This study aims for students to experience both practical and theoretical aspects of information systems and teachers should include an appropriate balance of theoretical and practical learning activities in their program.

Much of the work in VCE Applied Computing is individual in nature with students assessed on their individual achievement of the key knowledge and key skills for each outcome. Unit 2 Applied Computing, Area of Study 1 (Innovative solutions) is collaborative in nature, where students work in teams with specific roles and responsibilities in order to manage the project.

General assessment advice

Teachers must refer to these publications for current advice.

The principles underpinning all VCE assessment practices are explained in VCAA assessment principles (docx - 68.73kb).

Advice on matters related to the administration of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) assessment is published annually in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook. Updates to matters related to the administration of VCE assessment are published in the VCAA Bulletin.

The procedures for managing VCE school-based assessment are explained in Assessment advice for the VCE.

VCE Applied Computing Study Design examination specifications, past examination papers and corresponding examination reports can be accessed from

Graded Distributions for Graded Assessment can be accessed from the VCAA Senior Secondary Certificate Statistical Information webpage.

Excepting third-party elements, schools may use this resource in accordance with the VCAA’s Educational Allowance (VCAA Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy).