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Food Studies

Adjusted Study Design for 2020 only

Teachers should note that they should only access the 2020 Adjusted Study Design. Deletions are in red coloured text and strike through while changes are in blue coloured text and highlighted. It is imperative that the revised 2020 Adjusted Study Design is used for the remainder of 2020.

Examinations will be based on the key knowledge and skills contained in the 2020 Adjusted Study Design. The 2020 Adjusted Study Design includes adjustments to the key knowledge and skills and the scope of the assessment. Teachers can be assured that students will only be externally assessed on the content in the 2020 Adjusted Study Design.

Adjusted Study Design for 2020 only
VCE Food Studies Study Design

Details on the adjustments to the areas of study, outcomes and assessment for Food Studies Units 1-4 for 2020 only.

Frequently asked questions for 2020 Adjusted Study Design
Frequently asked questions raised during the VCE adjusted study design webinar for VCE Food Studies.

Supplementary advice for teachers for 2020 (docx - 76.6kb) when implementing practical assessments.

School-based assessment

View VCE Food Studies School-based Assessment report.

Examination specifications, past examinations and reports

View VCE Food Studies examination specifications, past examinations and reports.

Support material

Advice for teachers
Learning activities and assessment advice for teachers, including performance descriptions.

Study summary
A summary of the VCE Food Studies Study Design for 2017-2022.

Frequently asked questions
​​Frequently asked questions raised during implementation briefings conducted throughout 2016.

Home Economics Institute of Australia (

Home Economics Victoria (

Primary Industries Education Foundation (

Top Designs student and teacher resources (
View student folios from previous VCE Top Designs exhibitions.


The VCAA is seeking feedback on the consultation draft of the proposed VCE Food Studies Study Design, from teachers, students and other key stakeholders.

Draft of the proposed study design

Summary of proposed changes to the study design

To provide feedback, please complete the consultation questionnaire by Monday 10 August 2020.

The online consultation questionnaire is conducted on behalf of the VCAA by a third party, Qualtrics. Before completing the questionnaire, please read the important privacy information contained in the VCAA Collection Notice which is located at the start of the questionnaire. By submitting your responses, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and consent to, the terms of the VCAA Collection Notice.

Study Design - Accreditation period 2017–2022

The accreditation period has been extended and expires 31 December 2022. Do not use in 2020 refer to the Adjusted Study Design for 2020 at the top of this webpage. 

VCE Food Studies Study Design 

Details on areas of study, outcomes and assessment for Food Studies Units 1-4: 2017-2022.

Curriculum Manager

Leanne Compton
Curriculum Manager - Design and Technologies
tel: + 61 3 9032 1698

Curriculum Managers lead, manage and support the production, review and development of senior secondary curriculum and assessment materials. They also provide policy advice and implementation support for Foundation to Year 12 curriculum and assessment.