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Advice for teachers -
Further Mathematics

Units 3 and 4

Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4 provide for study of mathematics used in a range of practical contexts related to the compulsory Core area of study of Data analysis and Recursion and financial modelling in Unit 3 and the Applications area of study in Unit 4. The Applications area of study comprises two modules to be completed in their entirety, from a selection of four possible modules: Matrices, Networks and decision mathematics, Geometry and measurement and Graphs and relations.

Assumed knowledge and skills for the Core area of study are contained in the General Mathematics Units 1 and 2 topics: ‘Computation and practical arithmetic’, ‘Investigating and comparing data distributions’, ‘Investigating relationships between two numerical variables’, ‘Linear graphs and modelling’, ‘Linear relations and equations’, and ‘Number patterns and recursion’.

For each module there are related topics in General Mathematics Units 1 and 2.