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Advice for teachers -
Mathematical Methods

Units 1 and 2

Developing a course

A course outlines the nature and sequence of teaching and learning necessary for students to demonstrate achievement of the set of outcomes for a unit. The areas of study specify the content to be studied and cover the key knowledge and key skills required for the demonstration of each outcome. Outcomes are introduced by summary statements and are followed by the key knowledge and key skills which relate to the outcomes. Together the areas of study and outcomes enable teachers and students to address the aims of the study.

In undertaking these units, students are expected to be able to apply techniques, routines and processes involving rational and real arithmetic, sets, lists and tables, diagrams and geometric constructions, algebraic manipulation, equations, graphs and differentiation with and without the use of technology. They should develop facility with relevant mental and by-hand approaches to estimation and computation, as well as the effective use of technology. The use of numerical, graphical, geometric, symbolic and statistical functionality of technology for teaching and learning mathematics, for working mathematically, and in related assessment, is to be incorporated throughout these units as applicable. Students should develop a sense for the reasonableness or otherwise of results obtained using technology with respect to the context in which they are working mathematically.

For Units 1 and 2, teachers should select assessment tasks from those specified for the study. Tasks should provide a variety and the mix of tasks should reflect the fact that different types of tasks suit the assessment of different knowledge and skills, concepts and processes in practical and theoretical contexts.

Sample course

The following sample course is based on the assumption of 18 teaching weeks per semester including time for review and assessment. This sample course indicates a possible implementation sequence for coverage of the content from the areas of study. Teachers are likely to draw on material from across the areas of study in covering content related to different topics in various ways, and will naturally adjust time allocations and/or sequence accordingly.