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Advice for teachers -


The VCE Music 2017–2022 Advice for teachers provides teaching and learning advice for Music Performance Units 1 to 4, Music Investigation Units 3–4 and Music Style and Composition Units 1–4. Assessment advice is also provided for school-based assessment in Units 3 and 4.

The program developed and delivered to students must be in accordance with the VCE Music Study Design 2017–2022.

General assessment advice

Advice on matters related to the administration of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) assessment is published annually in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook. Updates to matters related to the administration of VCE assessment are published in the VCAA Bulletin.

Teachers must refer to these publications for current advice.

The principles underpinning all VCE assessment practices are explained in VCAA Principles and guidelines for the development and review of VCE Studies.

The procedures for managing VCE school-based assessment are explained in Assessment advice for the VCE.

Prescribed lists, examination specifications for the VCE Music performance examinations, past examination papers and corresponding examination reports can be accessed at:

Music Performance

Music Investigation

Music Style and Composition

Graded Distributions for Graded Assessment can be accessed from the Graded Distributions for Graded Assessment​.

Excepting third-party elements, schools may use this resource in accordance with the VCAA’s Educational Allowance (VCAA Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy)