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Advice for teachers -

Music Performance Units 1–4

Developing a program

Teachers should use the study design and this advice to develop a teaching and learning program that includes appropriate learning activities to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills identified in the outcomes in each unit.

Students enrol in VCE Music Units 1, 2 and 3 with varied music interests, musicianship and performance knowledge and skills. Some students will have an extensive background; others will have less experience. The teaching and learning program for each VCE Music unit needs to provide all students undertaking the study equal opportunity to achieve the outcomes. VCE Music is designed so that all students can build their knowledge and skills irrespective of where they might be positioned on a music-learning continuum when they begin the course. Student learning plans are a useful tool to align course requirements and individual student progress.

Communication between students and teachers should also be planned and monitored. All teachers involved in delivery of the study need to combine their specialist skills and knowledge to deliver a course that meets the needs of each student. Planning also needs to consider the learning context and ensure that relationships between areas of study will be developed, particularly where more than one teacher has responsibility for delivering aspects of the course.


Group and solo ​performance (docx - 67.49kb)

​Connecting Areas of study (docx - 69.95kb)

Teaching roles and communication (docx - 70.24kb)

Composition, Improvisation, Creating Technical Exercises For Instruments ​and Voices (docx - 68.45kb)

Cross study specifications (docx - 71.13kb)

Context​ (docx - 67.19kb)

Authentication (docx - 68.08kb)