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Advice for teachers -

Teaching and lea​rning activities

Units 1–4 in VCE Music Performance each use the same structure and some outcome statements are repeated from Unit to Unit. The key knowledge and key skills in each Areas of study become more sophisticated or can be applied in different performance contexts. Teachers need to monitor student learning and ensure that the work each student undertakes for a Unit builds on prior learning and experience, addresses areas identified as requiring development and provides appropriate challenge in each Area of study.

The Music language chart on pp.20–23 in the study design is primarily for use with Outcome 3. However, students can learn about these concepts and apply their knowledge across all outcomes in Units 1–4. Teachers should decide the order that content will be covered across Units 1–2 and Units 3–4.

Music Performance Unit 1

This unit focuses on identifying students' performance interests and skills and developing habits of practice, listening and use of musicianship skills in practical, aural and theoretical contexts. Students learn about ways of researching music they will be performing and establish a journal or other document (hard or soft copy) they can use to document their practice, listening and evaluation.

Area of Study 1: Performance

Area of Study 2: Preparing for performance

Area of Study 3: Music language