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Advice for teachers -

Teaching and Learning activities

Across Music Style and Composition Units 1-4 it is essential that students listen to, study and respond to music in a diverse range of styles, traditions, genres. E-journals are a useful way to track this linking. Students can post entries that identify for example the title, composer/creator, style and instrumentation of a work and include analysis/evaluation of the treatment of elements of music and use of compositional devices.

Music Style and Composition Unit 1

In this unit students explore diverse music styles, traditions and practices. The learning program should include material that is familiar to students as well as material that is unfamiliar. For Outcome 2 students must study at least three distinct styles including music that is not from the Western art music or popular repertoires. A graphic organiser that combines information about when and where music being studied was composed and/or performed could be used to track the range of music stude​nts study in this unit.

Area of Study 1: Responses to music

Area of Study 2: Organisation and context

Area of Study 3: Creative responses