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Advice for teachers -


Australian Music and Composers

Australian Music Centre (AMC)

Visit Australian Music Centre (AMC)​. The AMC provides extensive resources for students and teachers of VCE Music studies.​

VCE Music focus - Resource Kits

AMC has produced a range of Resource Kits focus​ing on Australian music and composers. They contain materials, activities, information to assist students and teachers with analysis, listening, research, composition. Topics include: Chamber music of Ross Edwards; Compassion by Westlake/Lior; Sculthorpe String Quartet No. 16; The Music of Elena Kats-Chernin. See recommended teaching Resource Kits for VCE, with summaries of content: Australian Music Centre recommended VCE resources​

VCE Music focus - Teaching Examples

For use in Music Style and Composition Units 1 and 3, Music Inv​estigation, Music Performance Unit 1. See teaching examples, built around AMC Resource Kits exploring works by Andrew Schultz, and Elena Kats-Chernin: VCE teaching examples – Australian Music Centre resources​​

Further Resources

Further resources for Australian music research and investigation (docx - 66.19kb)

Research and investigation (repertoire, styles, history, composers) (docx - 69.29kb)

Performance and technique - specific instruments/voices (docx - 73.62kb)

Performance and practice (docx - 66.7kb) (gener​al performance issues, establishing and maintaining effective practice habits, dealing with performance anxiety)

Composition, improvisation, creating technical exercises for instruments and voices (docx - 66.68kb)

Aural training, musicianship, music language (docx - 67.02kb)

Resources for Music Performance Unit 2 Outcome 4

Recercada Segunda by Diego Oritz in D (pdf - 84.84kb)

Recercada Segunda by Diego Oritz in F (pdf - 90.08kb)