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Advice for teachers -
Specialist Mathematics

Units 1 and 2

Developing a course

A course outlines the nature and sequence of teaching and learning necessary for students to demonstrate achievement of the set of outcomes for a unit. The areas of study specify the content to be studied and cover the key knowledge and key skills required for the demonstration of each outcome. Outcomes are introduced by summary statements and are followed by the key knowledge and key skills which relate to the outcomes. Together the areas of study and outcomes enable teachers and students to address the aims of the study.

Each unit must cover four or more topics in their entirety from the prescribed and other topics (which may also be selected from those available for General Mathematics Units 1 and 2) selected from at least three different areas of study. Each unit must include two of the prescribed topics: Number systems and recursion; Vectors in the plane; Geometry in the plane and proof; and Graphs of non-linear relations. A course comprises a complementary and integrated selection of topics from the six available areas of study across Units 1 and 2. As the topics ‘Geometry in the plane and proof’ and ‘Vectors in the plane’ are both from the Geometry, measurement and trigonometry area of study, including one of these topics in Unit 1 and the other topic in Unit 2, along with one of the other required topics, ensures that two of the three different areas of study required for each unit are automatically covered.

For Units 1 and 2, teachers should select assessment tasks from those specified for the study. Tasks should provide a variety and the mix of tasks should reflect the fact that different types of tasks suit the assessment of different knowledge and skills, concepts and processes in practical and theoretical contexts. 

Sample courses

The following sample courses are based on the assumption of 18 teaching weeks per semester including time for review and assessment. A table of the selected topics is given, followed by a detailed possible implementation sequence for these topics. The four prescribed topics are listed in the first two rows of the table.

Topics vary in duration, and there is flexibility in the topic selection for a unit that covers the combination of prescribed and other topics in fewer than 18 weeks.

The selection of other topics for Sample course 1 has a focus on connections to related topics of Specialist Mathematics Units 3 and 4.