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VCE VET Hair and Beauty

The VCE VET Hair and Beauty program is drawn from a national training package and offers portable qualifications which are recognised throughout Australia. These qualifications provide students with a broad range of skills and knowledge to pursue a career or further training in the hairdressing and beauty services industry.

The VCE VET Hair and Beauty program does not offer scored assessment.


SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant: develops basic skills and knowledge to assist with client services in the hair and beauty industry, and provides a pathway into a hairdressing apprenticeship.

Credit in the VCE (including VCE VM and VPC): recognition of up to four VCE VET units at Units 1 and 2 level.

SHB30121 Certificate III in Beauty Services incorporating SHB20121 Certificate II Retail Cosmetics and SHB30221 Certificate III in Make-Up: provides skills and knowledge to undertake roles as make-up artists designing and applying make-up across the beauty, fashion, media and entertainment industries. Skills are developed for work in make-up studios, retail cosmetic counters, fashion and media sets, and photography studios. Provides skills and knowledge to work as a beautician, providing a range of beauty services including nail, lash and brow, and basic make-up services. Develop a range of technical and customer service skills where discretion and judgement is required, including client consultation on beauty products and services. Provides a pathway to work as a retail sales consultant in beauty or cosmetic products and services, including beauty and hairdressing salons, retail outlets and department stores.

Credit in the VCE (including VCE VM and VPC): recognition of up to two VCE VET units at Units 1 and 2 level, and two VCE VET Unit 3–4 sequences.

Program material

The VCE VET Hair and Beauty program booklet contains information relating to the qualifications approved by the VCAA for delivery to VCE (including VCE VM and VPC) students.

It includes advice on the units of competency making up the program and the credit available for students.

It also provides advice on Structured Workplace Learning, the ATAR contribution and pathways to further learning.

View 2024 VCE VET Hair and Beauty program booklet.

The program booklet should be read in conjunction with the SHB Training Package.

Mandatory Workplace Requirements

The SHB Training Package stipulates Mandatory Workplace Requirements (MWR) to achieve some of the qualifications and some of the units of competency available in the VCE VET Hair and Beauty program. Please refer to the information published in the SHB Training Package.

ATAR contribution

Students who receive a VCE VET Unit 3–4 sequence for any of the VCE VET Hair and Beauty qualifications will be eligible for an increment towards their ATAR (10% of the lowest study score of the primary four studies).

The increment is awarded by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). For more information, visit VTAC.

Structured workplace learning recognition

The VCAA provides recognition for Structured Workplace Learning for students undertaking VCE VET programs.

View Workplace Learning Record booklets.