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Introducing the curriculum

English in the Victorian Curriculum is substantially similar to AusVELS English, with the majority of the curriculum unchanged. However, there have been some changes to strengthen particular areas and clarify others.

The previous Sound and letter knowledge sub-strand, which was located in the Language strand and was comprised of two focus areas, has been renamed as Phonics and word knowledge and is now comprised of three focus areas: Phonological and phonemic awareness, Phonic knowledge and Spelling. These areas have been strengthened through the addition of new content descriptions. The content descriptions in the Handwriting focus area have been revised to make the connection between phonics and handwriting more explicit.

Content descriptions have been added to improve the development of knowledge and skills in the Experimentation and adaptation and Analysing and evaluating texts focus areas. The Purpose and audience focus area from within the Interpreting, analysing, evaluating sub-strand has been deleted to avoid duplication of content. Content descriptions within the Listening and speaking interactions focus area have been combined and consolidated.

There have been minor refinements across the curriculum to improve consistency and readability, and remove repetition. Minor changes to the achievement standards reflect the above changes to content descriptions.

Reporting progress in English

These changes do not cause a break in reporting data and student progress can be shown from AusVELS English to the Victorian Curriculum F–10 English.

To view the English curriculum, please visit the Victorian Curriculum F–10 website.


A PowerPoint presentation outlining the key components of the English curriculum is available:

Introducing English (pptx - 666.03kb)

English as an Additional Language

For English as an Additional Language, please see here.


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