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Video resources

Curriculum planning  Overview

Curriculum auditing and mapping Session 1 

This is the first session in a series on how to use the Curriculum Planning tools to support the development of a valid and reliable curriculum. The aim of this session is for participants to develop an understanding of curriculum planning and the part it plays in driving learning. In the session you will be lead through the importance of comprehensive curriculum planning, looking at the layers of planning and investigating the school self-assessment tool.  

Duration: 7 minutes 41 seconds

Whole school curriculum Session 2

This second session builds on what was discussed in session one and looks more in depth at the first level of Curriculum Planning – Whole School Planning. The aim of the session is to develop knowledge and skills in using the Whole School Curriculum audit tool. In the session you will discuss the importance of curriculum provision, receive an explanation of how to use the tool and be provided with some questions to support reflection around current practice.

Duration: 6 minutes 18 seconds

Using the curriculum mapping tool as a starting point to scope curriculum Session 3

This is the third session in a series on how to use the Curriculum Planning tools to support the development of a relevant and comprehensive curriculum. This short presentation will lead you through how to use the English Curriculum Mapping Tool as a starting point for developing an English curriculum document that is reflective of your school setting. It will highlight where and when aspects of the curriculum are taught, provoke discussion around the interrelatedness of each of the modes and provide you with an overall picture of English provision across the school.

Duration: 8 minutes

Moderation: From planning to assessment

This online module looks at the moderation process throughout the planning, teaching and assessment cycle. It outlines the pillars of moderation and how to use the Victorian Curriculum to guide your moderation discussions. The examples included in the presentation are taken from the Writing curriculum, but the concepts discussed are applicable to most curriculum areas. Use this short, online presentation to improve your own understanding of moderation, or to guide a team or whole staff professional learning session.

Duration: 10 minutes 10 seconds

The Buried Treasure Series

A guide to valuable resources to assist planning, teaching and assessment for the Victorian Curriculum F-10: English.

Literacy learning progressions

Duration: 5 minutes

Reading and viewing work samples

Duration: 4 minutes 48 seconds

Writing annotated work samples

Duration: 4 minutes 20 seconds

The English Glossary

Duration: 2 minutes 27 seconds

Indicative progress: Making consistent judgements in English (F-6)

Indicative Progress documents are an assessment tool to support making consistent judgements. This presentation leads you through how to create indicative progress samples that are reflective of what students are learning and what you would expect to see as they transition from one level to the next. It makes strong links between, the achievement standards, the content descriptions and the contextualised learning program.

Duration: 5 minutes 8 seconds

Planning Integrated English Units -- Part 1

This presentation assists participants to gain an understanding of the structure of the Victorian Curriculum F-10: English and how to utilise this to find genuine links across the English modes.

Duration: 6 minutes 32 seconds