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VCAA Bulletin
No. 64 – November 2020
F–10 Curriculum

F–10 Curriculum professional learning 2021 program

The VCAA will be releasing its Semester 1, 2021 program and calendar of professional learning webinars, to support teachers implementing the Victorian Curriculum F–10. Details will be available from 30 November 2020, and will be announced through the F–10 Curriculum Update, Notice to Schools and the VCAA Bulletin.

To find out more about F–10 curriculum professional learning and to register for a webinar, visit the F–10 curriculum professional learning webpage. Subscribe to the F–10 Curriculum Update to receive information by email.

Recordings of professional learning webinars

Across Term 4, the VCAA hosted a series of webinars as part of its ongoing professional learning program to support the Victorian Curriculum F–10, including webinars on English as an Additional Language, Implementing the Capabilities, Bushfire Education and using the online Language Assessment resources.

Recordings of these webinars and additional resources are published, as they become available, on the F–10 past professional learning webpage.

Numeracy across the Victorian Curriculum resources

The VCAA, in collaboration with the Victorian Department of Education and Training, has published resources identifying the numeracy demands in Geography, Health and Physical Education, Science, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design across Levels 7 to 10.

Numeracy underpins learning across the Victorian Curriculum F–10. While much of the explicit teaching of numeracy occurs in the Mathematics learning area, it is strengthened, made specific and extended in other learning areas as students engage in a range of learning activities with significant numeracy demands. The Numeracy Learning Progressions are designed to assist schools and teachers in all learning areas to support their students to successfully engage with the numeracy demands of the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

Each of the new ‘Numeracy across the Victorian Curriculum’ resources identifies links between specific Numeracy Learning Progressions and specific content descriptions, achievement standards and contexts from one learning area. The resources are available on the Numeracy cross-curriculum resource webpage.

Note, the Numeracy Learning Progressions are provided as advisory material only and are not mandated as part of the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

Teaching for learning transfer: A literature review

Developing capabilities across the curriculum involves building capacity to transfer learning from one context to another. The VCAA commissioned a literature review in 2018 to identify understandings of learning transfer, its importance and how to improve teaching for learning transfer. While the literature review paid particular attention to critical and creative thinking, it is relevant to all the capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

The literature review has been published on the Overview of the capabilities webpage.